The Quintessance of Arabella (17_ally_17) wrote,
The Quintessance of Arabella

Challenge #2

So, challenge number two is on it's way.

This challenge is simply, "Who has the best userpic on LJ?"

Now we are nominating our fellow friends, for things. You can put them under a category with a specific icon, or you can just simply nominate a friend for having the most amazing userpics out there.

Make sure, that if you nominate someone, that they'll be willing to friend me, so that they can officially be in the challenge.

You have until Sunday afternoon to nominate people, and then voting will go on for a week.

So, if you are to nominate someone, please nominate them on this ( ) entry, so that I can keep them all together.

If you have any questions regarding this challenge, feel free to ask! :)


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