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I'd say I'm back like I always do, but really, I am probably not back. But here is a post, if anyone is still out there!

I did my advanced course selection for my fourth year today. My ranked choices were:

1. PSYC501 Honours Thesis.

2. PSYC435 Advanced Topics in Abnormal Psychology (Schizophrenia) with Dr. Bowie.

3. PSYC436 Sexuality and Gender with Dr. Chivers.

4. PSYC333 Human Sexuality with Dr. Pukall.

5. PSYC455 Adolescence (I am pretty sure it’s with Dr. Hollenstein, but I’m not certain).

6. PSYC351 Social and Emotional Development with Dr. Hollenstein.

7. PSYC430 The Self

8. PSYC342 Psychology of Social Influence

9. PSYC471 Behavioural Pharmacology

10. PSYC370 Brain and Behaviour II

Yep. Sounds excellent. I only plan on taking 1 seminar, but since there are a lot of good alternatives in there, I may take more. Who knows. We’ll see what I get into and who ends up teaching it.


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